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First Week in Paradise

on May 5, 2013

On Wednesday New Student Orientation began where I learned more about the school, received a tour, and started accessing university systems.  I was also blessed to be able to take in the beautiful view.  During this week I have spent some time relaxing and enjoying the island because classes start tomorrow and I know I will be busy studying.  I have already started reading for my second online MHA class which also begins tomorrow.  Pretty soon I will officially be calling myself a medical student; it just seems so surreal.  While island life is so much slower than that back in the states the bugs did not get the memo they are out in full force no matter the time.

Yesterday the school took all the new students on an catamaran boat tour where we got to snorkel and it was a great time, however, many people got burnt.  Sunscreen seems to be applied and reapplied and yet people are still burning.  Thankfully, I only got a burnt a little on my arm and it is already fading.  Hopefully, soon we will all be tan and burning less and just getting darker.

My belongings are quickly getting situated and my room is started to look less like a hotel room and more like a living space but still bigger than a dorm room.  It is great having a convenient store just down the street so I can run and pick up essential items between grocery store/town trips to save cab fare money when needed.  Right now I am set on essentials but need a few items from town that I will pick up next weekend.100_2927  Caribbean sea view from school off the balcony of the administrative building.  The building seen in front is the faculty offices and the one off to the left is the library.

100_2926 Beautiful sea, Nevis (sister island), and clouds with the main auditorium building.

100_2928 The sea and the anatomy lab.

100_2929View of the Atlantic from the Catamaran as we approach the snorkeling destination.

100_2930What a beautiful and perfect day.


7 responses to “First Week in Paradise

  1. Cindy H. says:

    LOL… I hope they sleep at night!

  2. Cindy H says:

    Hi Kimber! Looks like paradise 🙂
    How big is your balcony? Is there a vegetable garden for your access? If not, can you plant something in a container on the balcony? Just a thought!
    Love your blog, what a great way to share your life. I hope your first day is going well.

    • zkjohnsen says:

      Hi Cindy,
      My balcony stretches for the length of my room. There is not a vegetable garden but there are ladies who come by campus to sell their fruits and vegetables. I am sure I could plant something on my balcony but I would have the risk of the monkey’s climbing up and taking them but I might ask to find out.

      • Cindy H. says:

        Hi Kimber!
        You have Monkey’s climbing on your balcony???
        Ok, we’ll at least you are getting some food without traveling into town!
        Sounds like you are doing well overall. I’m so proud of you!
        Love you xoxox
        Cindy H.

      • zkjohnsen says:

        Yeah, I hear the monkey’s running on my roof almost everyday.

  3. Judi says:

    About the living situation: I am so jealous!!!
    About studying and being a Med Student: You are going to Rock!
    Thank you so much for the tour. Now when we are thinking about you we know you are in a beautiful place.

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