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Medical School and Beyond!

First Week of Medical School

on May 13, 2013

Monday May 6th I began my adventure in medical school.  I am currently in 4 classes: gross and developmental anatomy, cell and molecular biology, medical ethics, and physical diagnosis.  My week starts out pretty easy on Monday’s with class from 8:30-9:30 and then 3-5:20 and then I am back home by 6:15 but it gets progressively busier as the week goes on with Friday classes from 8:30-9:30, 10:30-12:30, and 1:30-5:20.  Last week was pretty easy since most of the information taught is a review from my undergraduate classes and introductions to the classes.  However, some concepts were new or went more in-depth than I learned in the past.  I already feel like there are not enough hours in the day to read, go to class, study, do homework, eat, sleep, and shower and they say starting in week 2 things pick up and even more so semester 2.  I do not know how it can be busier.  Regardless, I know I can and will succeed.  I have put in a lot of work to get here and will put in even more work for the rest of my education.

At UMHS testing is completed in blocks with 4 blocks a semester and occurring every 4 weeks.  Most every class has an exam every 5th Monday, however anatomy is on a little different schedule allowing new students to ease into block testing.  My class gets to be guinea pigs as the school try’s out a new computer based testing system which I will learn how to use on Friday.  From what I have read so far the school is not responsible for technology failures so I just hope everything goes smooth with this testing so no one loses their test and have to start over or is unable to submit their answers.  The first block exams are in 4 weeks on Monday June 3rd; it will be interesting to see how these exam look and go.

Last week I joined AMSA, American Medical Student Association, and now have access to AMSA student events on campus.  There was a one time $75 fee to be apart of this society and the campus chapter holds labs such as sutures, IVs and other medical “procedures’ not learned until later semesters of medical school.  There is also a 4th of July party which will hopefully be fun.  I am now apart of this group for life and get discounts on travel and have people to network with.

On Friday the SGA held a Welcome back party with the theme of a highlighter party.  People wore white t-shirt and others wrote and drew on the shirts with highlighters.  I was there for about 90 minutes before going back home and sleeping.  I have a few notes/pics on my shirt.  Now people are making their shirts more fashionable…I will see if I change mine up.

100_2943 100_2945 100_2944

Finally, yesterday was the white coat ceremony where I was officially inducted into medical school and got my white coat put on for the first “official time.”  The video from this ceremony can be seen at .

100_2932 100_2933 100_2936 100_2939

The last picture of myself, my friend Nike (also a new student), and Manual (a fourth semester student who was a member of our welcome team).


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