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Crazy Week

on May 24, 2013

While I am still trying to make at least one blog post a week I did not make one last week.

The reason you might ask?

That’s easy.  I had nothing to post about for all I did was study, go to school, and sleep.

This week, however, had some action.  I learned it is possible to choke on water to the point of not being able to breath.  While I was drinking some water one of my friends said something to make me laugh.  This caused the water I was drinking to go down the wrong pipe and for a few seconds, as I coughed this water out, I was unable to breath.  One would think that air would push the water away but apparently not.  I guess medical knowledge can be learned outside the classroom or designated study times…lol.


UMHS has free bus transportation for all students to and from school multiple times during the day.  Since I live in an area called Frigate Bay our buses are run by Caribbean Journey Adventures and they are pretty big and have manual transmissions.  Well on Monday we all loaded into one of the 2 buses present for the 5:45 pm bus home and the driver closed the door and put the bus in gear.  The first four times he took his foot off the break and hit the gas the bus did rolled backwards.  Thank God he reacted quickly and hit the brake for behind us at the bottom of the hill is the Anatomy lab and then another hill leading to the Caribbean Sea.  The picture above is half way up the hill and the picture of the bus stop shows the inclination of a smaller and less steep hill.  One person likened it to being on a roller coaster.  Eventually, on the fifth try the gears grabbed hold and the bus moved forward.

Living on a Caribbean island does not only require dealing with steep hills but also with tropical rain storms.   It has been raining quite often this week.  While the showers range anywhere from misting to thunderstorms with torrential down pours it has been a lot of rain.  Some people have said if the rain keeps up our island might just float away.  I, however, have said we might transition from being 64 square miles to only 60 miles.  I can’t imagine the amount of rain that comes from tropical storms and hurricanes.  I think it is safe to say that St. Kitts will never experience a drought. 😉  Sometimes the rain can be annoying when it starts at 2 am and wakes me up with its pounding noise on my roof.

I am truly happy with my pick of UMHS for my medical school.   Even though we are not in the US there is an AMSA (American Medical Student Association), which I joined.  On Tuesday evening AMSA held a Case Clinic where they ran thru a mock ER case and the audience played the doctor.  It was very fun and informative especially since I am practicing history taking tomorrow in my physical diagnosis lab.  I feel like I will be able to learn a lot from being apart of this group.

This week has been and next week will be a crazy week because by first round of block exams are a week from Monday.  In addition to studying, on Monday morning I will be getting a tour of a studio apartment at Marriott which is across the street from where I live as I am thinking about moving there in August.  I hope to take some pictures of the room and post them on here next week.


One response to “Crazy Week

  1. Sharon Strelitz says:

    Kimber- I am so enjoying following along in your med school adventure(s). I especially loved seeing pictures of you in your white coat!! Also glad to hear that you are having some laughs with your new friends. Keep up the good, hard work– you are an inspiration!
    Sharon Strelitz (Brian and Melissa’s mom)

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