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You Know Your a Medical Student When…

on May 31, 2013

…you are eating a piece of meat and see a nerve, artery, or a vein and get excited and try to identify it.

….everything can explain anatomy in some way.   Let me explain this one.  In the human body the nervous system is very complex and involves synapses (where 2 neurons or a neuron and an organ meet).  Well my friend had 2 external hard drives connected to her laptop and another friend asked her what she was doing.  I replied she is studying the nervous systems and how nerves work.  Her laptop is the spinal cord and the hard drives are the afferent and efferent nerve fibers.  This got a laugh out of everybody around.  What is even better is the fact that she was copying information from one hard drive to another which is what the spinal cord does with nerves.

…when you injure yourself in some way and start talking about the body part in the scientific form or what nerve you could have injured.

…when you examine bones after you eat the meat off of them to identify the different landmarks.

…when you are so busy studying you are not able to home sick until you really get sick.

Disclaimer some of these statements were things I witnessed my fellow classmates doing; which ones are which I will leave for you to figure out.

This week has been an interesting as it marked by 4th week on the island on Monday and one full month here on Wednesday.  The time has flown by and I have already missed so much back home.  My cousin graduate 8th grade, one of my best friends graduated college, mother’s day, memorial day, both of my Grandma’s birthdays, my Grandparents anniversary, and soon I will be missing father’s day and many more birthdays.  Congrats Kelsey and Amy.  Happy birthday Mamu and Grandma.  Happy anniversary Grandma and Grandpa.

This weekend I will continue to study and prepare for my first block exam on Monday.  I will be very happy when the clock turns to 2:30 pm on Monday and I have these first set of exams behind me.  I will then be hearing the beach calling my name so the weather better be good because I will be laying out relaxing and reading a magazine or a book not related to medicine.


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