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School Day’s Fun Day’s

on June 15, 2013

The studying involved in preparing for block exams reminds me of the preparing for finals in college, unfortunately, there is no break in medical school after big exams the studying just continues on.  However, the days can still be fun while trying to focus and study.  Last Thursday was one of those days and it started out early.

First, one of the buses that take UMHS students who live in my area to school in the morning is experiencing transmission troubles and had problems getting up one of the many hills here on the island.  Then as we were on our way over the hill a huge hornet flew into the bus it causes a frenzy until it flew out, at which point our driver told us its alright if it stung you it would only cause a fever.  A fever no one here wants to get.

We almost made it to school when we encountered an accident.  You must understand here on the island when there is an accident the cars are not moved, so this particular accident blocked the entire street.  Our big bus is too big to get thru the small side roads in the villages so we could not get around the accident to get to school.  We wanted to get off the bus and walk the rest of the way but the driver would not allow us to because he had an idea.

So, his idea, he gets into the other lane and begins to back up down the street while laying on the horn for about a mile or so as we wave to the people watching and looking at us like we were crazy.  When we encountered a smaller bus from our bus company we changed buses and made our way to school going thru the village.  At school my professor started class with a youtube video made by Harvard Medical School Students.  Many of my classmates are planning on doing something like this for UMHS.  At that point we just knew it was going to be a great day.

Yesterday, I had the privilege of celebrating the birthday of one of my friends.  It started with making her breakfast with another friend and ending it by the three of us going to dinner at Ritual’s Sushi.  Now here we are at another weekend with 6 weeks of school behind me and 9 weeks until I get to spend 11 days back home. 🙂

100_2950  100_2949  Matching shirts for Kalina’s birthday.


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