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Halfway Point

on July 7, 2013

Block 2 came and went on Monday marking halfway thru the semester.  That means 6 weeks from yesterday I will home.  Hopefully, these 6 weeks will go by fast!  With block 2 behind me preparation for block 3 is under way.  The start of block 3 began with a bang.  On Friday a group of about 10 of us from school went to the movie theater to see Monster’s University. 

The theaters here on the island have very tall and comfortable seats that recline.  However, the popcorn is nothing to write home about, it is not like home.  All week I was craving movie theater popcorn but was so disappointed.  It was dry, salty, and burnt and butterless.  I think butter would have made it a tad bit better.

Saturday gave me a chance to see more of the island and enjoy the beach.  Every semester the Saturday after block 2 exams the Student Government Association at school puts on a party at Reggae Beach Bar in Cockleshell Beach, called Sun Fest.  This party was such a blast and included water sports and free lunch.  In the beginning my friends and I laid out on our beach chairs studying our anatomy flash cards but eventually we entered the water and partook in the sports.  My friend Kalina and I took out a 2 person Kayak and got a little arm workout, and we did not tip over.  Before heading back home we went on the banana boat.  Shout out to our wonderful SGA president, Mike Randall, who gave the Reggae Beach guys another $40 US so my group could go on the banana boat because we signed up in the beginning but our group was number 15 which was not up until after 3 and apparently the banana boat was only rented from 1-3 rather than 1-6 like the other sports.  While on the boat Tony leaned out from the circle as the boat turned and everyone else leaned in from the centrifugal force causing us to tip over.  Boy was it fun getting the banana back up right and back on top.  But we did it and had tons of fun.  I think yesterday is was the longest time I have ever swam in salt water since I was in the water hanging out and swimming around between Kayaking and going on the Banana Boat.

In the end I am left thinking how beautiful the view was, especially, being able to see a different side of the island. 


One response to “Halfway Point

  1. Mom says:

    So happy you had a good time, the pictures on face are great!

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