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Block 3 Over; Finals in Sight

on July 30, 2013

School is going great; yesterday was block 3 exams and marks 3/4 of the semester.  Next week starts our final exams and my last one is August 14th and then I go home on the 17th.  Those 2 intervening days I will either be moving and/or relaxing while getting ready to head home for 11 wonderful days.  When I was home just over a week ago for the services for my Grandfather I got a taste of home but was not able to enjoy it very much.  Oh the things one misses when out of the country.  Good Chinese food, frozen custard, shopping, and decent priced items.  A jar of nutella costs about 6 US dollars while a scoop of ice cream runs about 3-6 dollars, mind you the ice cream is not very good, and box of cereal is about 7 dollars.  I don’t want to hear people back home complaining about the price of groceries anymore.

Anyways, yesterday was great I was done with my exam at 9 am and went home and headed to the beach for 2 hours then spent 4 more hours at the pool relaxing and reading my Physical Diagnosis textbook, in preparation for my skills lab practical and written exam next Monday and Friday respectively.  It was so relaxing laying on the beach listening to the wave crash upon the shore.  I wish I could do that more often but I am on this island to study and not relax and vacation.  However, the few breaks are both very necessary and welcomed.  The day ending watching Remember Me and eating pizza with 3 of my friends.  Now we press on for the last 2 weeks of classes before our break and the beginning of Semester 2. 

For the skills lab we will have a standardized patient with our professor when we walk in the professor will tell us what the patient is there for, vital check, cardiac exam, respiratory exam, or muscloskeletal exam and as the “physician” I will perform the exam and answer questions posed by the professor.  I will have to do this 2 times with 2 different exams, patients, and professors and it is 30% of my course grade but only out of 20 points.  This coming up weekend will be spent preparing for the exam. 

While this island is small and very different from home, this morning on the way to school I saw people on the side of the road cutting the grass with machetes, there are some similarities.  The island has a KFC, Subway, Dominos, and Church’s, however they do not compare to those back home.  Additionally, there is the annoying road construction.  When we went to Reggae Beach a few weeks back for Sun Fest after block 2 the main road there was being worked on and the main road thru the island that connects town and Frigate Bay (tourist area where I live) is having a roundabout added in.  Yes, you read it right around about.  St. Kitts has no stop lights 99% of the intersections are made of roundabouts and all the roads are just 2 lanes but people still drive crazy sometimes I think they drive crazier than Chicago drivers.  




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