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Why Future Doctors Should Attend UMHS

on August 5, 2013

I am 1.5 weeks away from completing my first semester of medical school and can honestly say I would recommend UMHS to any potential physician. Let me list some reasons why!
1.) One professor, who teaches histology, embryology, and is the anatomy chair, went to high school with Christopher Reeve, plays the guitar and played in a band with Bruce Springsteen, played a mini concert for us in class after he finished the lecture including two of his original songs. Not to mention the fact that he is extremely nice and knows his stuff backwards and forwards.
2.) Another professor, the course director for anatomy, used to be a medical illustrator and is not afraid to dissect with his bare hands. He is very helpful and wants to help his students learn.
3.) One of the professors who is a MD himself strives to prepare students adequately for the clinical environment. He teaches everything in lecture that we will be tested on and calls on students, on the spot, to answer questions. It is clearly evident that his first priority is for use to learn and be successful physicians. What is even cooler is that he used to be a forensic pathologist and he knows his anatomy well. Therefore, he is another source for anatomy questions.
4.) The administrative staff is very understanding and helpful in emergencies. The Dean of Student Affairs helped up look up airfare and excused me from anatomy lab when my grandfather passed away. I feel he went above and beyond his job description. This is because the staff here at UMHS realizes that we are far away from home, family, and friends united for the purpose of helping each other succeed and become doctors. What a great support system to have.
5.) Tuition is cheaper. It is estimated that an average US medical student will graduate with 400-500 thousand dollars of debt and at UMHS it is estimated to be less than 200 thousand dollars.
6.) Each semester is only 15 weeks rather than 20 and there are 3 semesters a year allowing for one to finish the program in a shorter amount of time or opt for an extended basic science program where you have one less class each semester and take 5 rather than 4 semesters to finish the basic sciences. The other benefit of the EBS program is that the price of the tuition of the normal program is divided into the 5 semesters so that EBS does not cost anymore.
7.) Since the program is year round there is an additional semester in Maine before clinical’s which is devoted to preparation for the USMLE Step 1 with a Kaplan review program. This program must be passed in order to be eligible to sit for the Step 1.
8.) You get the privilege of living on a beautiful island for 15-19 months even though you do not have much time to enjoy it. But the scenery at school is beautiful. I take advantage of this and try to eat outside under the tent for lunch and study there between classes.
9.) You get to eat yummy Caribbean fruit such as star fruit, wax apples, cashew fruit, and green oranges. These oranges have a green rind but are orange inside and really juicy. In fact, I love them better than Florida oranges. If you should ever travel where they have these oranges try one. The island also has sugar apples and mangos.
10.) You gain a family of life long friends who you will be doing everyday life with while here on the island and in Maine.
11.) It is a great once in a life time experience.

If you know anyone who is thinking about going to Medical School and thinking about Caribbean school please send them my way and I would be happy to answer any questions.

I have completed my first final exam and have 4 more finals and a move between me and going home for my first break. A break that will involve relaxation and spending time with family and friends and not saying my final goodbyes to my Grandfather.

Here is a little medical humor:



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