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Surviving First Semester

on August 14, 2013

A short 16 weeks ago I embarked on the adventure of a lifetime which will eventually lead to the fulfillment of my dreams and here I am on the other side of my first semester.  While I don’t yet have my grades from my final exams or the final grades for my exams I am sure I passed them all since for 2 classes I could have not taken the final and still passed.  In 3 days I will head home for a week and half of relaxation and errands.

Over the course of the semester I have been answering questions posed by incoming students in the September class ranging from what to bring to the island, what to expect, and what did I wish I brought with me?  Fortunately for me, there is not much I didn’t bring that I missed during the semester. The biggest thing is snacks which are expensive on the island and little things such as additional toiletries, a fitted sheet, and ice cube trays.   

In regards to advice I have stated that they need to make the most of the time while they are here.  Many students complain about the island but in all reality we will probably miss it when we are gone.  Unfortunately, there is just not much time to enjoy it.  While I wish I was going home tomorrow I am going to use the two full days between me and home to try and enjoy the island a bit.  I will also try to enjoy the 4 days I have before school starts.  It is of utmost importance that we focus our attention and time on school and studies during the semester to accomplish the goal we are here to achieve.

As a medical student it is important to have confidence in oneself.  This could be as simple as not appearing frantic but rather put together.  Studying for all classes each day and staying sane is a balancing act and balance is possible.  Confidence also extends to testing.  I am one to second guess myself and need to learn to trust my gut instinct.  Several times over the course of the semester this has cost me some points including 2 today on my lab practicum. Learning confidence during the basic science years is important because as a physician one will need to be confident when interacting in patients.

But the greatest advice I can give is to make friends.  Being thousands of miles away from home we are isolated from friends and family and our fellow classmates tend to turn into our family away from home.  Start to make close friends during your orientation week who will can become your backbone during the hard times and you can support during their hard times and get thru block Monday’s (testing days) together.

One other question those entering into the medical profession, especially as doctors, is why.  For me this video pretty much sums it up:  No matter how many times I watch it I continue to get goosebumps.  I want to become a pediatrician to help children and change their lives.  I want to provide medical treatment to those who might not have medical treatment.  But most of all I want to use the skills and talents that God has provided me to help the people He brings me. 

With a semester behind me and a break upon me I am excited to start semester 2 and dive into new subjects. 


2 responses to “Surviving First Semester

  1. Ashley says:

    I cannot believe you are done with your first semester. I am just so proud of you and thrilled for you. I can’t wait to have you home!

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