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Back for Round 2

on August 30, 2013

Wednesday I boarded a plane and made my way back to to the island for my 2nd semester of medical school.  The flight back was smooth and met with excitement when I arrived in Miami and became reunited with friends from school.  While being home was wonderful and much needed and welcomed time of relaxation with family and friends I began to miss my friends from school.  See being thousands of miles from home the people with whom I spend my days end up becoming my family away from home.  A family that I miss when I am home just like I miss my true family when I am at school.

Back on the island I was able to unpack and completely settle into my new place.  My new apartment is very open and spacious and best of all I now have a kitchen.  In fact, between the food I brought back from home and my grocery trip yesterday I have full cabinets and a pretty full refrigerator.  I am excited to use it; but first I have to find recipes that I like and are easy to make and the right ingredients (which is no easy feat here).

The highlight of yesterday was finding out I got the job as a Teacher’s Assistant for Cell and Molecular Biology this semester.  I am pretty excited about this opportunity and will be rewarded with a tuition reduction for next semester starting in January.  I was a TA for anatomy and physiology in college and really enjoyed it.  It is my hope that this position will help me with biochemistry as I review the basic concepts.

Everything else seems to be falling into the pattern of last semester.  Long hours of nothing to do leads to boredom which can be fixed with studying.  The only difference is I recently made a fund raising page to raise money to cover my medical school tuition and can be found at this website 

If those of you who are on pinterest can access the site and pin it and those of you on facebook to share it so it can get around to the most amount of people as possible.  If everyone would share my page and donate a penny I would reach my goal in no time at all.


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