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Semester 2: Week 1

on September 7, 2013

Monday, Labor Day, semester 2 of my medical education.  While at this time most of my classes are in the review stage I know they will shortly pick up and I will be real busy once again.  The only class that is not so much of a review  is behavior science.  For this class I have 180 terminology words to learn by the end of the semester and right now we are learning about development and milestones for children in motor, physical, cognitive, and personality development.  It is quite interesting but a lot of work to remember the stages and the ages at which they occur.  But the better I understand it now the easier it will be during my pediatric rotation and my future career.

Besides the change in classes this semester is so different than last.  With an incoming class of about 150 students the campus is very crowded and the school had to increase the number of buses used to transport those in Frigate Bay to school.  This also results in a filled lunch room and long lines during lunch.  Lunch itself is so different because I only have a half hour break to eat while last semester I had at least an hour which gave me time to eat with my friends.  If I bring my own food I still have a little bit of time to eat with them but when I buy lunch I end up eating in my class.

After living in my new room for 10 days I am  all settled in and really enjoying it.  Still there are aspects that make me upset as things are not as I was told before I signed my contract.  First my microwave is not convection but just a regular microwave so I still cannot bake and second I am still waiting for the couch I was told I was going to have which might not come at all now.  However, the room is still an improvement from my old room for I have a kitchen with a stove top and a nice sink.  Not to mention the fact that my kitchen is fully stocked including a coffee machine and a toaster.

This unit is also equipped with a back up generator.  Ironically, I never lost power last semester when I did not have a generator but yesterday I lost power twice and the generator did not kick in.  See yesterday we have a couple of real good downpours in the afternoon that brought so much water that the sides of roads and some parking lots and sidewalks were flooded including some sidewalks here in in the renovated area of the Royal.  When I got home from school I saw the employees here running around without shoes and with towels around their shoulders.  They were trying to get the new sunk pumps to work so the rooms would not flood.  Not long after I got home they had the major pump; right next to my room working.  Eventually the other pumps kicked in and I think it overwhelmed the circuit breaker and my power went off for half an hour.   This meant I did not have internet either so there was not much I could do since my computer needed to be charged.  So I decided to wash my dishes in the little bit of light still coming in from outside.  Once they got the power back on it went off again about 45 minuter later for about 10 minutes.  Maybe next time power goes out my generator will actually kick in and take over.

So here I am ready to get into my old routine and get back to studying hard.  The one nice thing about studying on the weekends is my freedom to study outside and enjoy the fresh air and sunlight or even lounge by the pool as I read.  If the weather holds out tomorrow I shall do just that.


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