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Foreign Medical School

on September 15, 2013

Living in the tourist section of St. Kitts and choosing to spend time at the Marriott studying by the pool I tend to run into many travelers.  The conversations with these people usually start in the same manner; they are curious as to why I bring a textbook on my vacation and if I don’t have a textbook I either have flashcards or my iPad and an am taking notes so they wonder why I am bring homework on vacation.  This leads to a conversation detailing the fact that I go to medical school here on the island.  Many times these individuals then wonder why I would choose to go to school here rather than back in the states.

I think many are surprised by my reason for they are expecting something about being by water or the beautiful scenery.  Instead they learn that school here on the island is cheaper, even with the high cost of living, than back in the school.  Time and time again, I see jaws drop when I explain that many school back in the states cost upwards of 40,000 dollars a semester many without room and board.  The expressions I get often remind me of reactions I saw from coworkers the when I first started riding my Harley.  I even got one of these reactions here on the island last semester from one of my classmates.

I further go onto explain the smaller class sizes, for example my class is about 50 students whereas the starting class at one school I applied to in Illinois was 191 students.  This smaller size results in more time for individual help with the teachers so we are better prepared for the step exam.  As well as allows us, as students, get to know the professors so they can write us good recommendation letter when we apply to residency positions a few years down the road.

If these travelers want to know more I explain the once in a lifetime opportunity this leads to.  While here on the island I will have the opportunity to see how the health care system works here as a part of my introduction to clinical medicine class 5th semester, an experience US medical students won’t have.  There is also the possibility to do missionary work after I graduate since my school goes year round rather than having summers off.  Therefore, if all goes as planned I will be finished with my undergraduate medical education in December of 2016 and will not be able to start residency until July 1st of 2017 so during those 6 months I can be helping those in under served areas around the world. 

While Caribbean medical schools are gaining in popularity they are still not the first choice for most aspiring doctors.  Therefore, it  is like I am building my own unconventional path to reach my dream.  While applying to US medical schools it seemed like my dream was so far away and drifting away with each rejection letter or receiving a lower score than I wanted on the MCAT.  At times it felt like my dock was never going to be long enough to reach my destination.  So with the God’s guidance and blessing I brought the water to me, literally, to keep my dream from floating away and ended up here on St. Kitts.  Now I have one successful semester behind me and 1/2 way through my first block of this semester. Image

While here I get to enjoy the beauty God put into this world when I can as I learn how to heal, treat, and take care of the most precious, special, and complex being He created!  Thank you to all of you who have been praying for me along the way.





3 responses to “Foreign Medical School

  1. You will do Above and Beyond Your Expectations by the Grace of GOD !
    We are all put in “PLACES” by HIS plan for HIS purpose ! GOD BLESS YOU, KIMBER and may you continue to “WALK WITH HIM” !

  2. Cindy H says:

    awww…. beautiful, Kimber! I like how the picture goes with bringing the water to you.
    Love you!

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