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Happy Independence Day….

on September 19, 2013

Happy Independence Day…St. Kitts and Nevis.  30 years ago today The Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis won their independence from Britain, they are now their own country but remain under apart of the British Commonwealth.  Being such an important day in the history of St. Kitts it is only weekday during the year that I get a day off from school besides the breaks between semesters.  For someone who is used to getting days off for Thanksgiving, Memorial Day, Labor Day, etc. it is a welcome break for the normal school routine.  It is a day to get some extra studying done as Block 1 is just around the corner, a week from Monday, do laundry, make some dessert, and celebrate independence.

For the next 16 months I am considered a resident of St. Kitts, so while I had to be in school on the Fourth of July and was unable to really celebrate America’s independence I am able to reflect on it today and celebrations go on here on the island.  See if St. Kitts was still under British rule as a resident I would be under the British monarch instead I have the assurance knowing if this country was attacked Britain would back us as I am sure America would too, especially considering many of their citizens are currently living here.  

As I mentioned today marks 30 years of independence; a fact that I have been thinking about quite a bit lately.  As I think about it I came to realize there are native Kittitians, here on the island today, who were alive when St. Kitts (then known as St. Christopher) sat under the rule of the Monarch.  In fact, it was just over 6 years before I was born.  America got her independence in 1776 so long ago that none of us has ever met someone who was alive under British rule and control.  So needless to say there is a big celebration going on today in town.  A celebration that began last night at 6pm with a free concert at the stadium that was scheduled to end at 2 am this morning, a parade earlier today, and festivities in town all day.  It is great to see them celebrate and embrace their freedom and independence.  

However, being a British Commonwealth, St. Kitts still has to pay the high British taxes.  There is a 17% VAT (value added tax) to everything purchased.  The Prime Minister is working to get this tax removed from food and if he cannot get it dropped from all food at least from food purchased at restaurants since the tax was already paid when the food was purchased by the restaurant in the first place.  Personally, I hope this happens and soon!  Also there are times that members of the Royal family or Parliament show up on the island.  Sometime within the past 4 years Prince Henry was making a visit to the island and in preparation for his visit workers were fixing a road here in Frigate Bay the night before his arrival since he would travel along that road on his tour.  This was a sight that my histology teacher saw while driving home after a gathering with the other faculty members for dinner in town.

One thing I have learned since being on this island is these people love to celebrate.  It is not uncommon to hear another holiday is coming up the following Monday.  I cannot count how many e-mails I received telling me that the cashier’s office at school will be closed on Monday because of a holiday.  In August there was August Monday and this past Monday was Hero’s Day just to name a couple.  When these holiday’s come up things tend to close down early on Friday, usually between 12 and 3, and remain closed thru Monday.

On a side note, earlier this semester I learned that Oprah Winfrey owns a house here on the island.  Interestingly enough it was an episode of her old talk show, when I was about 5 years old, that got me talking about becoming a doctor and helping the girls in Africa.  Here I am on an island going to medical school and it just so happens to be an island on which Oprah owns property.  Also last week St. Kitts was featured on HGTV’s House Hunters.



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