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Is it really October?

on October 13, 2013

Here we are 2 weeks into October and 2 months until I head home; yet it is hard to believe it is really October.   At this time of year back in Chicago it is not in the 90’s and on many occasions, especially in the evenings, pants and light jackets are necessary.  That is not the case here on the island where during the day when the sun is still out it is extremely warm and then evenings are extremely beautiful.  I miss the change of seasons I get to see back home instead, in 2 months time, I will transported from hot summer weather to the beginning of a Chicago winter without the transition of fall.  I just hope we have a white Christmas this year so I am at least able to have that part of the season.

Most people are aware, as am I, of October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, however, I did not realize that this is occurs internationally.  This past Thursday the Marriott in conjunction with other a couple other organizations here on the island help a zumba class for breast cancer awareness with all the proceeds going to breast cancer research.  I was very excited to have a zumba class close to where I live so I could attend without having to spend too much time getting a taxi and driving to town rather than studying.  I was pleasantly surprised by the turnout but it was so worth the cost.  In fact, the fee to take the class and my purchasing 5 raffle tickets was still cheaper than taking a class back home.

Boy was the workout good and intense.  When it started the sun was still up so it was hot but as the hour progressed it set and the beautiful Caribbean breeze picked up and it was a wonderful night.  How I wish the Marriott or somewhere else in Frigate Bay would offer classes like this more often.  It is such a great way to have fun and stay in shape.  At the end of the event they selected the raffle winners and I won two tickets to Brimstone Hill Fortress here on the island.

Being breast cancer awareness month I have come to miss the pink hair extension I have gotten the past several years but will be skipping out on both this year and next year.


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