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Cloud Fest

on November 3, 2013

Today, being the Saturday after block 2, was the tri-annual Sun Fest at UMHS.  This day each semester SGA provides a day of relaxation at Reggae Beach involving water sports, hanging out in the ocean, relaxing on the beach, free lunch, and music.  What they are unable to control is the weather and while last semester was great with lots of sunshine today quickly the sun ran away and hid behind the clouds.  This left us with a cloud fest and high cool winds.  Therefore, I spent a good portion of today sitting on the beach chair reading, talking with friends, and thinking.

Thinking about what many people have learned in school so far and the the month of November, the month of Thanksgiving.  There is just so much in life to be thankful for: the opportunity to be here in St. Kitts, the opportunity to be in medical school, my family, my friends, the fact that there have been no Hurricanes or tropical storms by me so far this Hurricane season, which is almost over.  But most of all I need to be thankful for my health.  In these past 6 months I have learned a lot of diseases many with genetic causes and many forms of cancer.  When it comes to genetic disease there is so much that can go wrong but so many times it does not and God blesses His favorite creation with a little bundle of joy.  Sometimes these diseases results in a lifetime of battles to stay healthy but still these people can be filled with joy and thanksgiving.

The other disease mentioned, cancer, is all too prevalent, maybe because people are living longer and despite research a cure has yet to be found.  This disease exists because cells replicate out of control and escape the stop mechanisms and find ways to travel through the body and metastasize.  2.5 years ago this nasty disease took a loved one from my family all too soon and suddenly.  The day I heard of diagnosis while in Missouri until the day he died I prayed for a healing but God had a different plan, he wanted Larry home.

9 years ago I was diagnosed with the auto-immune disease type 1 diabetes, another disease of which I have learned a lot about.  From the initial doctor’s appointment for my high school physical through my follow up tests to confirm the diagnosis to testing to see what subtype I have, which was never determined, I prayed.  I prayed that the initial test was wrong, that I would be healed if it were truly positive.  My life was already going to be hard enough starting out high school I did not need the added burden of being a diabetic as well.  But God had a different plan.

Were my prayers unanswered?  Nope, God answered them just not in the way I wanted them answered.  I prayed looking for a specific response but if I would have prayed differently and went to God with the facts, with the results and ask for help for guidance my prayers would not have seemed unanswered.  I would have seen the blessing in them at the time.  Larry forever changed the lives of my parents and myself.  One of the last things he said to me was, “I may not be here when you graduate medical school but I will looking down on you smiling as you walk across that stage.”

When I do become a MD I want to be like Hezekiah in 2 Chronicles where he laid out the letter from his enemy before God and asked for help and lay out the files of my patients and pray over them everyday asking God for help.  I will pray for the well-being of my patients both their flesh and their souls.

This type of prayer can also be of use in grieving.  This summer, while away at school, my grandfather passed away and he is missed terribly.  It is evident that my family is still in the grieving process, it has only been 3 months, and this Christmas is going to be hard and different.  But by laying out the facts before God I can learn how God is going to use my Grandpa’s life to still bless people.  Right away it is easy to see as 2 of my cousins are expecting babies in early 2014 and these babies are currently in heaven being watched over, loved, and learning about half of their family from their Great-Grandpa.  Stories and memories of him are able to be used as encouragement and motivation.  As a family we are able to be thankful that he is no longer suffering, he was not afflicted by a genetic disease, did not have to suffer from cancer, that he lived 93 wonderful years, had an amazing family, and beat the odds numerous times.  I for one can be thankful that he was one of my audience members when I sang Achy Breaky Heart over and over again as a child with my little yellow Sesame Street school bus cassette player and then again at his and my Grandma’s 50th anniversary party!

Sun fest might have been cloud fest this semester but there are still things to thankful for today.  So let’s all thank God for these wonderful things.


2 responses to “Cloud Fest

  1. Cindy H. says:

    Beautiful Kimber…You are such a special woman!
    HUGS to you xoxox
    Cindy H

  2. Mom says:

    We are so thankful that God blessed us to be your parents. I have prayed your whole life for you and will continue, God is going to use you in big ways. May you always be covered in Gods glory and favor.

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