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New Year, New Semester, New Apartment

on January 14, 2014

Semester 2 was just as successful as semester 1 and here I am back on the island starting semester 3.  This semester I am in Microbiology, physiology, and immunology.  Thankfully, between the two semesters I was able to spend 4 wonderful weeks back at home in Chicago.  4 weeks full of celebrating, being with family, hanging out with friends, and cooler temperatures.  While most people would prefer the Caribbean to a Chicago weather I was looking forward to going home and experiencing another season.  See since May I have only seen summer and love the change of seasons.  Snow graced us with its presence the Saturday after I got home and many more time while there including 19 inches over New Year’s Eve and Day.

All too quickly the weeks passed by and before I knew it traveling day was upon us I was up early to head to the airport to head back to the island.  After a safe day of travel I made it to my new apartment at 10:15pm and began to move in.  I am in an apartment for which I will spend the next year in.  It is a great apartment with a oven, washing machine and dryer, a view of the ocean, the use of the fitness center at the Marriott, a couch with a pull out bed, a very comfortable Marriott bed, and a back up generator and water system.


My living room



Dinning Room





Entry hall


I have only been here for 2 days and all ready love it.  Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to make use of the fitness center and eventually Bingo at the Marriott and Royal Beach Casino.

This semester should be interesting as I do not know what to expect.  It seems like my class gets to be the guinea pigs for many new things.  We were the first have computer based testing.  Now we have a new physiology professor so we are not able to get advice from students who are farther along than us.  But on the bright side we can give advice to those after us.

Tomorrow is a new day with new experiences to withhold, new information to learn, and another day to bask in the eternal love of the Creator.


2 responses to “New Year, New Semester, New Apartment

  1. Cindy H. says:

    Hi Kimber! So glad to hear you had an uneventful trip back to school! Your apartment looks amazing. Is the green wall behind the bed really the color in the picture? It’s such a “Happy” color. I love the view too. Such beautiful blues everywhere.
    Sounds like you will once again have your challenges, but I feel you are ready for them!
    May all of Gods blessing continue your way =)
    Love, Cindy H.

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