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The Sister of St. Kitts

on February 16, 2014

What a week this weeks has been. My mom arrived safely on island for a 2 weeks visit, a trip to the movies to see America Hustle (many parts were very dragged out it could have easily been 45 minutes shorter) 5 birthdays, the birth of a precious little girl on Valentine’s days, a trip to Nevis, and some fun studying in the sun.  Now there are 3 birthdays in my family within 4 days.

St. Kitts is apart of a Federation; the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis.  While I have been on island I have limited my visit to just St. Kitts but this all changed on Saturday as my mom and I took an adventure to island rumored to be one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean.  Well I must say it is a very beautiful island.  Time and time again I find myself saying I don’t have much time to enjoy the island as I am always busy studying and while that is true it is also true that this is a pretty small island only 68 sq miles around so there is a limited amount of things to do.  However, Nevis is much smaller at only 36 sq miles around which means there is even less to explore but the beauty is astounding.

The trip began with the 45 minute ferry ride from 1 island to another.


Goodbye St. Kitts for now…we will see you in 4 hours.


Pulling up to Nevis we were able to see the Four Seasons Hotel followed by a Hotel that was hit by Hurricane Raul in ’89 and never renovated.  Some of the cottages were turned into shops open only Monday-Saturday.  Upon arrival some of us in the tour group needed to use the facilities, however, the bathroom at port charges each patron 1 EC.  An interesting first…paying to go to the bathroom.  After the quick bathroom break our tour began with a stop at the hot spring.  This was once a hotel where people came from around the world for healing purposes.  There was a bath house with four different pools all different temperatures the hottest of which was 107 degrees Fahrenheit. The healing laid in the sulfur as this spring is feed by the volcano which is why it can get hot.  Unfortunately, the bath house was destroyed by Hugo and the hotel eventually closed down.  Many locals want the government to refurbish it so it can be reopened.  In the mean time a hot bath still is present.  Before entering the bath bath visitors are able to wash with soap is the adjacent river and then enter the spring bath.  The water was nice and warm (warmer than bath water but cooler than a hot tub).


Our second stop was the Botanical Gardens.  I do not even know how to begin to describe the beauty of all the different trees and flowers.  It would be a perfect place to study basking in the vast beauty and variation of God’s creation.  However, it is on the wrong island and requires an entry fee.  Fortunately for me, as a student I am considered a resident of the Federation and was able to get the rate the local pay rather than the visitor rate which is $5 US more.  Here are a few selections from our time here.

SAM_1044  SAM_1046 SAM_1047 SAM_1051 SAM_1055 SAM_1056 SAM_1066 SAM_1074

Monkeys cannot be forgotten on the island.  Interestingly the tourists seem to love them and want pictures everytime they see one but when you live here they become annoying and just another one kinda like squirrels.  I bet the locals here would be thrilled by squirrels as there are not present here.



This plant arrangement reminded both my mom and me of the giant Christmas trees at Willow Creek made out of plants or wood every year.



I just love how the roots of this tree come together and form something that resembles a hut.

SAM_1079 SAM_1081 SAM_1083 SAM_1084

After the gardens we continued around the island and saw some interesting sights such as the last working steam powered sugar mill and the first church ever to be built in the Caribbean that was built in 1642 and is still used each Sunday.  Our tour guide said the Pastor must have a great entertaining message each week or he will lose his congregation as the chapel over looks this:


At the end of the tour we saw the building in which Alexander Hamilton was born.  Yes the Alexander Hamilton who was President of the United States and appears on the 10 dollar bill.

Through out the tour we saw tons of wild animals, which is also a common site on St. Kitts, however, unlike St. Kitts Nevis has wild donkey all over the place.

If anyone is thinking about taking a vacation to the Caribbean I would recommend going to Nevis.  While I cannot compare it to most islands I can say it is very beautiful and worth the travel time to get there.  Plus you can take the ferry ride over to St. Kitts in order to enjoy what it has to offer.


One response to “The Sister of St. Kitts

  1. judith rudolph says:

    Love hearing about your time with your mom. And Megan love the picture with the mermaids

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