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on February 25, 2014

The past two weeks were just spectacular having my mom here on island with me.  But just like every good thing it must come to an end and that end presented itself today.  It feels like each goodbye gets harder and harder but also brings me closer to my dream. 

It is amazing how quickly our routines can adjust.  For the past 9.5 months I was used to living by myself, fixing my meals, washing my dishes, and doing my wash.  However, the past 2 weeks were different (in a good way) and today after school coming back into my room was weird.   I was unable to knock on my door and be able to expect to open it, I was not greeted by the ocean breeze coming into my room or the wonderful smell of something baking or cooking.  Now I have lunch and dinner dishes in my sink waiting for ME to wash them.  But just like the adjustment to having my mom here I too will adjust back to living on my own and get back into my old routine.

I am, however, not the only one needing to adjust.  My mom, on the other hand, needs to adjust back to the cold weather.  After spending 2 weeks in paradise where the temps have been in the 70s and 80s she had to return to reality were they are calling for temps to be in the single digits.   Now I know next year at this time I will be in a similar position probably still trying to get used to the cold in Maine.  Sometimes I wounder why the admins of the school would chose Maine as the place to house the Kaplan review semester before the USMLE step 1 exam when the first 1.5 years is on a Caribbean island.  While students who enter Maine in May are able to enjoy nice weather and those who enter in September have a couple months to slowly cool off those of us, such as myself, who go during January will experience a 80-100 degree weather change.  What a shock to the system that will be.

While going to Maine in the middle of winter is not ideal and has many ill sides it does have some positives.  First and foremost it is cold outside.  From what I hear Maine is a really beautiful place but in winter it is cold and snowy which makes the surroundings so much less inviting.  This makes it less distracting and allows more time to study for the board exam.  I mean after all that is the reason we will be in Maine anyways, right?  Additionally, being the middle of winter not many people will be taking vacations to Maine which means rent is cheaper.  So it is able to save me gas money, from less exploring, and rent money.  With a future vision set on working in Africa cheaper and less debt is always a beautiful thing. 

But with God’s help, power, and strength the adjustments will occur without a hitch.  Today alone He has helped me adjust.  Saying goodbye was not an easy task but even with my mom leaving God reminds me that I am not alone.  When I got to the tent to eat lunch today one of my friends was sitting at a table talking with one of our professors who gave us little key chain charms with the double snake medical emblem on them.  This little gesture reminds me of what is so wonderful about going to a small school where the professors are able to know and students and make time to help their students even if they have a question for the professor on his way to buy a pop from the cafeteria.  

Besides adjusting my week had some great experiences.  The best of which was learning how to put in an IV.  While Medical school is great at this point in my education all I really do is study and book work rather than hands on practice.  However, as a member of AMSA once in awhile I have the ability to learn some hand on skills.  I was surprised to learn to how easy it is to place on IV.  Sure this was only done on a model practice arm and it will be different and much harder on a real arm it did help to lower my anxiety level to really do these procedures on my future patients.

My mom and I were also blessed to be able to spend 4 wonderful hours beside the pool soaking up some rays and studying/reading. 4 hours that were so relaxing and stress relieving.

Before signing off for today I want to leave you all with a couple of medical facts:

1. There are about the same number of stars in the Milky Way galaxy as there are neuronal connections in the brain.  With this fact it is hard to understand how one could not believe in Creation. 

2. On an average day each individual makes more saliva than they do urine.



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