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Island Half Way Mark

on March 11, 2014

Today marks Semester 3 block 2 which is the halfway mark for the Extended Basic Sciences Curriculum which is the only part of my medical education here on the island.  This fact in addition to the time of year has me thinking about life.  Last Wednesday marked the beginning of lent the start to a very holy season the end of which we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord and Savior.  Almost 3 years ago a very close family friend was admitted to the hospital and subsequently diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer and 1 month later we said our final goodbyes at his memorial service.  This Easter will be the third Easter he gets to spend in Heaven.  

This past week death has been in the media from the unexpected death of a 20 year old student at my ala mater, to the executions of the 30 Christians in North Korea, to the missing plane.  These 30 Christians were sentenced to death for planting new churches and spreading Christianity to the ends of the earth.  The lives of these 30 innocent believers are being ended early for doing what they believe in.  While the North Korean government is trying to punish these individuals they are punishing those left behind, their loved ones, those who have to suffer the loss.  These 30 will get to spend Easter feasting and celebrating with the Risen Lord, himself.  This situation reminds me of the horrible tragedy of Columbine and the death of Cassy for saying “yes,” yes to the fact that she is a believer and follower of God.  All these people have died for doing what they believe.

Persecution of Christians has always been an unfortunate part of life.  What can we do as fellow Christians?  We can start with prayer; prayer for those who are persecuted and for their families.  Letters can be written in support of those who work in areas of persecution.  We can even spread awareness about the levels of persecution around the world.

These deaths are deaths that my education cannot prevent.  Even though those in the medical field can postpone death and make people feel better for the time being.  However, in the end everyone will die and even with all of my education and all the information I learn I will not be able to help any of my future patients evade death for good. 

However, there are times that death can be prevented by the decisions we make.  For instance today at after block dinner my friend motioned for me to look at the sky.  Lo and behold there were a couple sky divers coming in to land on the Marriott beach.  A landing watched with the hawk-like eyes of the guests who let out a sigh of relief  when these adventurous people saw the successful landing at the end of the beach. The decision to jump out of a plane could have caused these people to end up in the ocean as they were only meters away from the waters edge. 

It is also important to make good lifestyle decisions to remain as healthy as possible.  One such decision prayer. 


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