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Fast Pace vs. Slow Pace

on April 8, 2014

Growing up in America one gets used to the fast paced lifestyle.  Life is always go go go and it is so easy to wish life away.  There is always something else to look forward to.  The one thing missing in this lifestyle is the enjoyment of life itself and basking in the relationships and beauty one is surrounded by.  I remember summers while in elementary school when I would be anxiously awaiting school to start back up as the break seemed just way to long.  However, as years went by and time seemed to pass by faster and faster these summers began to feel not long enough at all.  I was always on the go and looking for the next adventure awaiting me.  Eventually, an adventure I waited years for presented itself at my door with the opportunity to go to Africa for two weeks.  In preparation for the trip with my others from my college we were warned that life in Africa is completely different from that in the states.

A life where time is not a motivator but rather relationships.  Everything is slow paced.  This was no lie we would be told the bus will pick us up at 10am and would not show up until noon.  I must say while in Africa I quite liked the slower lifestyle.  Back in the states I quickly adapted into the normal hustle and bustle of American life and forgot the wonder and relaxation of the slower life.  Several years later in life another long awaited adventure presented itself to me.  Once again this adventure took me to a new country where life is slower.  Living in St. Kitts I have began to expect a sit down meal to take at least 3 hrs when there are 5 or more people in the party, when a taxi is scheduled for 3pm to not expect it until 3:15, when waiting on a bill correction to not see the refund/credit for months as the financial department will look at the issue when they see fit.

However, one thing I would expect to be taken seriously is life and death issues.  This past month my school bus has been behind an ambulance while on the way to school, an ambulance with its lights on, that was going below the speed limit.  Rather than the ambulance passing cars as they do in the states in St. Kitts cars were passing the ambulance.  Pulling over to let an ambulance pass you in this country seems to be unheard of.  After living here for 11 months I find myself missing the hustle and bustle of American life.  I am a busy Medical student I don’t have the time to take a 3+ hour dinner break.  But most of all I am wishing away my time. I am currently counting down the number of days until I get to go home for semester break, a 2 weeks break, counting down the months until I get off this island for good and get back to the American lifestyle, a life where I don’t have to wait 4 months to get the food I crave, a life where I can get what I want pretty much when I want it, a life with a change of seasons.

Missing seasons would not be bad if this place was the typical picture of tropics.  I look around as I sit on the bus to and from school and see the brown grass and brown mountains.  I don’t understand how vegetation in this place could be brown with the amount of rain and sun it gets.  Yes the flowers are beautiful but are unable to make up for dead grass all around.  At least at home brown grass normally signals the coming of fall and winter or the start of spring bringing along with it the change in the air.

Seasons or not I am still on this island for another 8 months finishing up my basic sciences courses.  Courses which seem to have gotten so much harder and more stressful.  These past 4 weeks since block 2, halfway point of my time on this island, I began to feel the stress of medical school.  It seems like the amount of material tripled and the professors lecture like there is no tomorrow.  Not to mention problems with technology.  Every semester it seems something happens to my computer this semester was a double whammy.  The day one issue was fixed a new issue surfaced putting my computer out of commission until I get home and get it fixed.  If I were to have the IT guys at my school fit this issue I would be faced with the wait of getting the part on the island and be required to pay for these parts when my computer is still under warranty with Best Buy.  This same day my credit card got used fraudulently and I got issued a new number and card.  To this card sent to me on the island would cost me the shipping cost so I mailed it home as it would not get here much sooner than I would be getting home.

When all this was going on I was ready to just give up and the the devil win the battle.  I was actually looking at airplane tickets to go home right then and there.  God tells us he will only give us what we can handle but I feel I am beyond what I can handle. I Corinthians 10:13 No temptation has seized you except what is common to man. And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can stand up under it.

What is keeping me going is the knowledge of when I get home I will be able to meet my little nieces and nephew, one of which you can vote for as the cutest at who were born while I was here at school this semester and I believe that holding babies is the best stress reliever God could ever have given us.  For when holding babies all worries and problems seem to disappear kind of like the saying ‘Hakuna Matada’.

On a lighter note as I write this post I am watching Saving Mr. Banks with my friend and she has cracked me up.

Ex:  I asked her to use a coaster for her hot chocolate mug and she said a what and then figured it out.  Then she told me I thought you had a stack of rocks and always wondered what you kept them for.


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