Adventures in Medicine

Medical School and Beyond!

Semester 3 Reflection

on May 10, 2014

A couple weeks ago I successfully completed my third semester of medical school a semester that was very different than the prior two.  This semester is more like what I imagined when I would think about medical school before I matriculated at UMHS.  Semesters one and two did not seem to consume much time and I felt like I had more than enough time to study all I needed and know/learn the material I needed to know and be prepared for the exams and felt like I was retaining the information well for the Step exam a year from now.  However, with semester three a felt like I was in the middle of an entirely new ballgame.  I would study more hours than I did the prior semesters and felt like I needed more time.  The courses were tougher than they were previous semesters as two courses had new professors, more material was covered, and professors began to grade harder.  For the first time in my first year of medical school that I was in the type of medical school I had always envisioned.

Semester three showed added stress…stress to a level I have not experienced before.

Semester three presented itself with increased need for study time…additional time that does not exist in this world.  Many a nights I found myself wishing there were more than 24 hours in a day especially on the weekends.

Semester three presented the opportunity to harvest a new friendship.

Semester three introduced me to a new level of homesickness.  This fact surprised me as this semester I was blessed with a 2 week visit from my mom.   I loved coming home from school and smelling dinner cooking as I walked up the staircase.

Semester three held the halfway point for the extended basic sciences program meaning my time on the island is more than half over.

Here I am, post semester three and days away from starting semester four wishing the next 24 hours will crawl by as slow as molasses.  It feels with each passing departure the goodbyes get harder.  Goodbyes that are no easier on the island.

Every semester students finish their basic science curriculum and and leave the island for good stopping home en route to Portland, Maine in preparation for the USLME step 1 exam.  Semester three was the first semester where I had friends leaving.  Not having those friendly faces on campus this semester is going to make returning different.  However, I know it will be worse as friends who I started on the island with will be leaving as they are apart of the regular 4 semester basic science program.

But now is time to prepare and for semester four and the classes I will be taking.  This semester will once again bring with it its own challenges and learning experiences.  A semester filled with Neurology, Pathology I, and Epidemiology.


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