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Edge of the World

on July 21, 2014

This past week I have spent some considerable time thinking about history and the time when it was believed the world was flat and life shattering events like the destruction of Jerusalem and the attack on Pearl Harbor and World Trade Centers.

You see my time here in the basic science portion of medical school education requires my living on a little island so little that no matter where you go chances are you will see water and beach. Quite different from many other islands here in the Caribbean. For example one of my friends here at school is from the island of Trinidad and she says it takes her about 2 hours to get to the beach. This mean there is more island to explore and things to do before one goes stir crazy.  For those who have never been St. Kitts is beautiful but it truly feels like a different world. I have been to Africa and was able to find more similarities to America there I can find here sometimes.

How does this relate to history you ask? Well friends and I went out to dinner last Wednesday at a new restaurant here on the island called Salt Pledge which is located at an old salt mine and the actual mine building remains as kitchen and bar. One step two steps in the Pledge my jaw could have been by my feet. It seemed as if I fell right off my island and landed somewhere else. This place does not feel St. Kitts one bit. If Columbus and Pythagoras before him were wrong and it came about the earth is flat I would have believed I had fallen off the edge of the world on the drive over. I was left wishing the place was closer to my apartment so I would be able take some time to relax there more often and get away from the constant “ordinary” view I always see.




What about life shattering events?  Everyone has those days where it feels like the weight of the world is resting on your shoulders or like the world is crashing down on you.  Well for me that happened most recently on Friday.  The bad started at 1:30 in the morning and did not end until 4:15 in the afternoon.  The bad consisted of little things like having a baby lizard in my room to major things including getting soaked by someone as they purposely drove through a puddle as my friend and I walked by and back pain.  Its days like these when I am left crying out to God to fulfill his promise and not give me more than I can handle.  It is days like this when I am left wishing I stayed in bed.  Its days like this when I feel like giving up.  Its days like this where God’s strength is most needed because mine is nowhere near enough.

When days like this come along and there is literally a ocean between you and those you love and the place you are feels like a completely different world how do you push through?  How do you make the best of a hard and bad situation?

1.  I am here for medical school so why not use my free time on bad days to study

2. Listen to worship music and let your heart sing along

3. Talk to family and friends on video chat and/or through facebook- don’t be afraid to ask them for prayer that will only make your situation better and bring out the strength of God around you

4. Enjoy the beauty of the Creation around you.  Take the time to go to places like Salt Pledge even if just to grab a bite to eat and relax.  Stand out on the balcony and enjoy the salty ocean breeze

5. Take time to reflect and see the good in your day, week, or life

6.  Remember this is only temporary and it too shall pass.  Ecclesiastes 3:1 tells us There is a time for everything,and a season for every activity under the heavens.  Therefore good days will there too.  For me this means remembers that I only have 5 months left on the island and have already survived 14 so I need to work hard to ensure I get off in 5 and I get a break in 30 days and will be reunited with friends and family.


2 responses to “Edge of the World

  1. Cindy H. says:

    Kimber, those are beautiful pictures you took! Someday you will look back on this time and it will seem so different than how you are feeling now in this moment. Please feel free to ask for prayer! I think and pray for you often anyway, a little extra won’t hurt 🙂
    I have had days like your bad day, we all have and know the feelings all too well. Remember to stop, visit this beautiful place again! And feel the blessings that are coming to you from God and all that care & love you!
    XOX Cindy H.

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