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Pray for Peace

on August 20, 2014

Recently country music super star Reba McEntire came out with a new song entitled Pray for Peace with a pray for peace campaign, you can see the youtube music video below.

While the lyrics to this song are simple they are also very powerful and got stuck in my head.  With ‘pray for peace’ running through my head (initially on the projection screen of my prefrontal cortex-neurology plug 🙂 ) I can’t help but thinking about the many ways we need God’s peace here on earth but in general and specifically as a medical school student.  But thankfully prayer is easiest line of communication that exists and the recipient (GOD) will be there listening no matter the hour of the day!   In that fact we can rejoice.

Peace is needed all over the world:

1.) Pray for peace…in Africa- Peace for those affected by the largest Ebola outbreak in recorded history; Peace for those affected by Joseph Kony and the Lord’s Resistance Army (just a little yeah God in the fact that over 40 people included some of the invisible children escaped last week); Peace in Nigeria where there are continued bombings (which just so happen to be getting closer to my fellow classmate and friend’s family).

2.) Pray for peace…in the Middle East.

3.) Pray for peace…in the oceans.  As a medical student in the Caribbean there is a chance for hurricanes and tropical storms.  Just a couple of weeks ago (in the midst of preparing for block exams) Tropical Storm Bertha made its way through the Caribbean, south of my island, bringing lots of wind (boy was it loud…it kept me and my friend Nike up until 2 am).  By the grace of God no major storms have been this way the bast 15 months on this island and I pray it stays that way for the remainder of my 4 months.

4.) Pray for peace…of heart especially for those who are dealing with the loss of a loved one.

5.) Pray for peace…of mind.  As a medical student I spend 99% of my time studying and preparing for exams (sometimes after the exam I feel like studying all the time in the world would not have made a difference…lol).  Let me tell you it is more than enough to go insane but I need peace of mind to get through the days, weeks, months, and semesters.  Peace of mind is even harder to come by when I know I am missing out on so much at home including but not limited to family birthdays and graduations and holidays (I will be home for Labor Day this year…not a replacement for 4th of July or Thanksgiving but I will still be home…YAY).  However, with prayer peace of mind is possible and I am blessed enough to know I have people I can call at any hour to pray for me if need be.

It is also important to have peace of mind in decisions…especially the major one.

The bottom line is to pray for peace and look for peace around you.

One a different note, while I have you :), today marked [what is hopefully] my last day of EBS 4 as I took my last final of the semester which so happened to be neurology (hence my plug above) and now my brain is peaceful as it gets a short break form studying.

Thank you Reba for your song Pray for Peace it is a great reminder and I for one will be taking time out of my busy schedule to do just that.


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