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Medical School Take 5

on September 15, 2014

A week ago I boarded yet another 2 planes for what is expected to be my last semester on the island before my medical journey continues on the mainland.  (How many people from the midwest talk about getting back to the mainland?)  Despite being back in the states I will remain on the cost for 4 months in Portland, Maine.  (After being on the island for 16 months it is something I have been counting down to since the middle of last semester, I leave the island 3 months from this coming up Tuesday).

I am just a week into the semester, taking pathology 2, pharmacology, intro to clinical medicine 1, it is very evident that this semester is going to be very different from the previous 4.  Is difference a good or a bad thing?  Well that  my friends depends on how you look at it.  Semester 5 is going to be much more of a challenge and much more stressful than before.  Many would consider this a bad thing.  From my perspective the difficultly level is going to be equal to how I imagined medical school to be from the get go. (Those of you who have talked with me have heard me say that medical school has been easier than I expected.

Unlike the prior semesters, I started studying from day one and began thinking of way to maximize my study time.  I could study on the way to and from school, get up earlier (that means not hitting the snooze button 4 times and getting up at the first buzzer 🙂 ), I could go to sleep later were some of the ideas I decided to try.  Then on Friday I read a blog post about the precious gift of time and how to make the best use of it, read it here:  How Many Minutes Do You Treat Like Pennies?.

The precious minutes I’ve had to prepare for the step exam are quickly ticking away.  When I started medical school I had 25 months now that is down to 9.5.   This is definitely a semester to hunker down and study hard to be best prepared for the step and to pass these classes.  The minutes quickly add up and quickly pass by so care must be taken to ensure they are used most effectively.

Today I made a change.  I spent the day studying for pharmacology trying to make sense of all I learned, of which I feel I made some real progress, I had my books and notes spread out over my floor and did not have music playing or tv on (it was weird studying in the quiet).  I did not want to waste precious time so when it was time for a dinner break I decided to walk to the Marriott Hotel and get a turkey BLT but instead of just sitting waiting for for my food I brought my ipad and read for fun.  It was nice and relaxing so when I got back home I was ready to study again and soak up as much as possible about anti-cholinergic drugs, sounds like fun huh?

As a medical student I am in school several hours a day and while in class I make the most of my time and listen actively to the lectures to build a basis on which I can continue through study.

My advice for future medical students to make the most of their time:  when looking at schools sit in lectures, the more professors you see the better, and pick a school with professors you can learn from, don’t schedule study breaks, as you will end up spending extra precious study minutes on breaks, but instead take a break when you brain needs it.  Take advantage of short breaks between classes to give your brain a rest.

For those of you non-medical students how will you take advantage of your free/wasted minutes and make them count and memorable.



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