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A Day In the Life…

on September 21, 2014

Have you ever taken the time to think about the lives of those around you whether they are right next store or half a world away?  What would life be like in their shoes?

What would it be like to be a firefighter?  A pilot?  A soldier?  A safari guide?

When you meet these people do we really take the time to slow down and really listen to what they say about their life or are we in too much of a hurry and only stop and ask because we feel obligated?  No matter the answer the truth is that God wants us to take the time to learn about others and pour into their life even if it is outside of our comfort zone (after all it is a great way to expand this zone).  Jesus himself showed up and took time to know those he interacted with take for instance the story of Mary and Martha or even the Samaritan woman in the well.  So why not start now and see the life of a medical student.

As a medical student, in 5th semester at UMHS at least, the alarm goes off pretty early anywhere between 5 and 6 am (it really depends on how many times I hit the snooze button) to be at the bus stop by 6:55 am for the 7 am bus to school.  Class begins at 8am and goes until 3:30pm, most days, with a hour break for lunch.  This semester includes learning about the pathology of diseases of multiple systems (this past week included cardiac and blood vessels), prescription medications, and how clinical exams.  What a full day already and it is only 3:30!  🙂

The 4pm bus brings me home for a night full of studying all the information I learned during the day.  On weeknights I head to bed around 10 pm ready to get up and repeat the next day.

However, my current weekday schedule is a bit different for the next couple of weeks.  On Thursdays I stay at school until 8pm for fashion show rehearsal.  My school is having a fashion show October 11th at the Marriott Resort to raise money for the local hospital, which I will be visiting soon for part of my education.  Before you all let your minds wonder I am not a model but rather I am on the steering committee and helping to put the event on.

On the weekends I choose not to set an alarm and sleep until my internal alarm wakes me up.  Once up I get busy studying and will spend the day studying until about midnight.  However, I try to take my studies to the pool at least once over the weekend and soak up the Caribbean sun.

So there you have it the boring hardworking life (or lack there of) of a medical student on a mission.

What shoes are you going to step into next?  Take the time and learn about others and see how much your world can grow and you never know maybe it will make a difference in their world too.


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