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Post Maine…USMLE Time

on June 22, 2015

It has been quite some time since my last blog post, as I am sure that many of you have noticed.  The past few months have been extremely busy.  Sine my last post I have completed my Maine semester with my successful completion of the Kaplan Medical course and a passing grade on the exit qualifying exam.  With this done I packed up all my belongings and began the ride home.  Along the way my mom and I spent some time in Hershey, PA and got to see a wonderful and dear friend from college.

***Let me go on a little tangent and say Hershey, PA is awesome and if you ever have the chance go and visit.  Mr. Hershey built a wonderful little town complete with a school for those who live under the poverty line that is free for them to attend (also it is not supported by taxes), a hospital, an amusement park, zoo, botanical gardens, and of course the Hershey factory (yes you can make your own candy bar creation!)***


Just your not so ordinary street light


This is one of the trolleys that take patrons on a tour of a town (totally worth the price…plus you get free samples along the way and a full size candy bar upon returning to the factory)


My candy bar in the making.

IMG_0102 ***

Once back home began my 40 plus hour weeks of studying in preparation for the USMLE Step 1 exam.  The trick to preparing for this exam is figuring out the best method to study.  For me I found that I was learning the most by doing questions questions questions and more questions followed by a bit of First Aid reading.  I started out using the Kaplan Q bank and once I finished all those questions I moved on to UWorld.  By the time I was scheduled to take the exam I was averaging between 70 and 80 percent (which made me feel like I was ready to not only take the exam but also do well).  I also found it important to schedule my exam date as soon as I received my scheduling permit.  I will write another post about my study routine once I get my score back and can comment on how beneficial my plan was.

Now I am continuing to wait to get my score.  It really makes no sense why I have to wait 3-4 weeks for my score when it is entirely electronic.  I feel that the score should be available at the most within a week.

***As a side note…for those of you who remember my mentioning in a previous post about possibly getting paid to write blog posts well today I found out I got the position.  This means that I will be writing 2-5 medical school blog posts a month for this professional med student blog site for which I will be paid.  At this point I am not entirely sure if I will also be able to post my pieces on this site as well but I will at least post a link to it each time.  Also since I will have a list of topics for this job I will continue to write blogs on this site that do not fit those specified topics.  Thanks for your prayers on getting this position.***


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