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On The Road Again

on November 21, 2015

2.5 years I ago I left my home and boarded a plane headed for the Caribbean island of St. Kitts and there I lived for 19 months.  I then found myself in the Winter Wonderland known as Portland, Maine for 4 (and yes the winter months…I still need to return to see this place in all its beauty).  I was then blessed with 6 months at home with family and friends before I once again hit the road.

Last Thursday the clock struck 3:50 am as the wheels of my SUV,  filled to the max with my belongings, met the pavement of my street headed for Augusta, GA.  Windstorm and all my , mom and I made the 16 hour trek from Wheeling, IL to Augusta, GA (along the way we stopped in Metropolis, IL home of Superman 🙂 )  The trip was pretty easy with light traffic and the only ‘traffic jams’ being seen in Nashville, Chattanooga, and Atlanta.  One thing is for sure medical school has given me the opportunity to see many different places and really stretch my comfort zone.

Safely in Augusta, we got a room at the Courtyard by Marriott and with my being a Platinum Elite member I got a free upgrade to a 2 room suite and refreshments on check-in.   First thing the following morning we made the 5 minute journey to my apartment.  We quickly unloaded my car (it is very convenient being that my apartment in on the first floor and my patio faces the parking lot so we could unload onto the patio and then bring it in through the patio door…this also comes in handy when grocery shopping) and started to get things unpacked and in their rightful places.

Here are some photos of my new place and my home for 7 months:


My master bedroom



Walk-in closet off of the master bedroom


Master bath off my master bedroom (yes I did outfit it in purple shower curtain and floor mat)


View of my living room from the dining room area.  That door leads to my fenced in porch.


Living room and dining room from my bedroom doorway.


My kitchen with a raised breakfast bar.  That door leads to my washer and dryer.


2nd bathroom which is across the hall from a 2nd bedroom.

One thing this apartment is not lacking is storage space…boy do I have lots of empty space.

Moving across country into an unfurnished apartment means I had very few pieces of furniture (a table, 2 zero gravity chairs, and a corner shelving unit) so we hit up resale shops and got many good deals to make my apartment feel like “home” for the next 7 months.  For example: the rust colored chair in the living room was $15; the table between the chairs was $12; the bar stools together cost $20.

While here in Augusta, I will complete several rotations including ob/gyn, family medicine, neonatology, and surgery.  In fact, my ob/gyn rotation began on Tuesday where I am at Doctors Hospital.  On my first day I got to observe 2 c-section resulting the birth of a little boy and a little girl.  Today I was able to assist on a c-section resulting in the birth of a beautiful little girl.  I suctioned, held a retractor, and placed staples to close the mother up. I have yet to see a normal vaginal birth but I am sure I will see a few before my rotation ends on Christmas.  Once again I like my preceptor and feel I will learn a lot.

In my 13 weeks of rotations I have already learned how to draw blood, start an IV, complete EKGs, put in staples, place stitches, remove stitches, reduce a dislocation, reduce a fracture, and replaced a G-tube.  Before I finish my 78 weeks of rotations I will learn a whole lot more procedures.



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