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Exploring Georgia

on December 7, 2015

In these 3 weeks I have lived here in Augusta, Georgia I have gotten used to navigating around.  Besides the downtown area, which I have only visited once, it was really easy to learn my way.  At first I thought I was going to hate the expressways because they are everywhere and crossing over each other in a way that seems confusing, but, with a little practice it is manageable.

In addition to learning my way around the city, I have also had to learn little antics of the Georgian drivers.  First most intersections have a yield sign for those turning right…so basically they don’t need to stop for a red light (which many people is Illinois don’t do either).  Many parking lots have angled parking but the aisles are bidrectional which makes backing out the space difficult since you can only clearly see one direction.  But for the locals that is not a problem since you just pull through on angled parking spaces.  Really? …this is one of my pet peeves.  I mean come on people, drivers ed 101, you do not pull through on angled parking.  Then in parking lots where they have normal straight spaces there are always a few cars parked sideways taking up 8 spaces. I really just don’t get it and probably never will.

Anyways, besides the Augusta area I have ventured out and visited surrounding areas.  My mom and I went back in time to the pioneer times when we went to Pioneer Days in Lincolnton, Georgia.  We saw people making homemade apple cider with a wooden apple press, a lady dressed up in her pioneer costume was making coffee and bacon on the campfire as well as heating up water via the fire to wash her clothes.  Here they also have a old fashion wood mill and corn meal processor that was actually making corn meal.  Additionally, they were selling corn fritters, rice, beans, and chicken and dumplings.  It was a fun and informative adventure.  I even got to see this beauty…


This is an old horse drawn doctors buggy.  Unfortunately, I was not able to sit in it.   I could not help but wonder how long the doctor would ride to get to his patients.  May how times have changed…now patients travel to come to us.  I have seen patients that have driven 90 minutes just to get to their primary care doctors office.

Last night, I put Georgia in my rear view mirror and headed to Aiken, South Carolina to see Selah in concert.  The concert was awesome.  The first half was pure  worship songs and the second half was Christmas songs.  They sang a mixture of their songs including a couple of their African goodies. 🙂 They are an amazing group and big supporter of Compassion and their fans.  I mean last night they added a song to their set because it was requested by a 6 year old girl as it is her favorite song.   This is not something you would see your normal secular group doing.


Finally, with the aid of the WCA website I was able to find a church home here in Augusta and that church is Stevens Creek Community Church. (What are the chances it would be a Creek and the attendees would be called “Creekers”)?   Today was the kick-off of their Christmas season which is entitled Country Christmas.  There will be a Christmas concert here on the 19th with Unspoken headlining the event.  This concert is a benefit concert for a church family whose infant was recently diagnosed with a genetic disease that will most likely kill him by the time he is 5.  If you all could add this family, Hennings, to your pray list.

Keep an eye out for my next blog post which will include an update on my OB/GYN rotation.


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