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An OB/GYN Universe

on December 19, 2015

Over the past 5 weeks in which I have been immersed in OB/GYN cases (whether in my clinical rotation hours, textbook reading, or practice questions) I have built a solid knowledge base in this field.  I have been privileged to see repeat patients and learn how to follow patients through pregnancy as well as other gynecological issues.  Granted it only took 4.5 weeks to see a vaginal delivery thanks to the continued rise in cesarean births.  (Now the only type of delivery I have yet to see is a completely natural one.)

I also experienced a situation that was a first for my preceptor so we got to learn together.  This particular patient had a cerclage (a stitch placed in the cervix to keep it closed in patients who have an incompetent cervix and dilate very early in gestation) and it caused necrosis of a part of the cervix which lead to auto amputation of this cervical section.  Thankfully, it was able to be sutured back together.

The more surgeries I see the more I am convinced that surgery is not my cup of tea…which is what I had thought heading into clinical rotations anyways.  As you could probably guess I am so not looking forward to the 12 week surgery rotation or even the 4 back to back gynecological surgeries I have on Tuesday morning. 😦

While witnessing births are a very happy time not every aspect of the rotation are happy.  The saddest moment I experienced was telling a new patient that she miscarried at 10 weeks gestation after no heartbeat could be found on ultrasound.

With just 3 shifts left of my OB/GYN rotation I wonder what I will experience and learn.  In the end all of the experiences I accumulate during my clinical rotation years will form me into the doctor I will one day (very soon) be.


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