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Maternal Mortality is Not Extinct

on January 3, 2016

The 6 weeks I spent in my OB/GYN rotation had a universal theme…maternal mortality is real!  While I learned a whole lot and had many questions answered I could not shake the fact that was made evident over and over again that child birth is risky and things can head south quickly and when they do they can go very wrong.

Prior to starting this rotation I have never know anyone affected by maternal mortality.  However, I always knew there was the risk (I mean there is a risk in everything). While the maternal mortality rate is not as high as they were in the past it is still present.  In fact, the state of Georgia has the 2nd highest maternal mortality rate in the nation.  During my 6 week rotation I talked/worked with 3 different physicians there had lost patients or almost lost patients during child birth in the last 4 months.

All 3 of these physicians experienced freak incidents that quickly went down hill.  These patients were in the hospital when disaster struck and not all of them were lucky enough to get away with their lives.  I can only imagine that all 3 of them would have ended up dying had they elected to have an at home birth.

Granted medicine has come a long way and maternal mortality rate has greatly decreased since the times depicted by the show Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman but it still exists.  Some physicians state this number is going to be on the rise with the recent increase in women electing to have home births or who chose to use a midwife in place of an obstetrician.

Take, for example,  what recently happened with Jessa Seawald/ Duggar when she hemorrhaged after her at home birth when her mother quickly called 911 and she was rushed to the hospital.  Luckily for Jessa she made it on time.  But in all actuality most women who hemorrhage don’t have the time to wait for EMS to arrive and transport her to the hospital for care.  The best use of midwives is in hospitals that have a midwifery suite on the L&D floor so that the on call OB can take over in case of an emergency and the OR is just minutes away.

For those of you in the middle of your OB/GYN Core rotation or still waiting for this rotation and will need to take a NBME subject exam I recommend using uwise q-bank which is a free question bank put together by APGO (Amercian Professors of Gynecology and Obstetrics).  This is what I used in addition to Blueprints and Casefiles for OB/GYN.


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