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on January 26, 2016

I am sure you have seen something in the world of social media with #blacklivesmatter attached to it.  While I agree black lives do matter I feel that there is something missing in this movement…what about white, brown or red lives…all lives matter.  As a follower of Christ my skin crawls whenever I see the black lives matter hashtag since I know that every life matters to God and therefore must matter to me as it does.

In Sunday school kids learn the song ‘Jesus Loves the Little Children’ which contains a line that says “red, yellow, black, or white they are precious in His sight.”  There is no and should not be a distinction of color.  Jesus commanded us to love our neighbors as He has loved us in John 13:34.  Loving our neighbors has no distinction of color.  If a neighbor was defined by the color of ones skin Jesus would not be my neighbor and friend as He was of Middle Eastern descent.  I could only imagine how different my life would be if that were true.  Thankfully, he defines neighbor as everyone He encounters and the same applies to us.

The church I am currently attending here in Augusta, GA, Stevens Creek Community Church, has t-shirts for their ushers this year that say #peoplematter.  This is based on the motto of the church which states Love God, Love People, Serve the World.  It is Love people…all people.

I strongly believe that the police officers who kill people due to the use of excessive force, such as what occurred in Chicago with McDonald being fatally shot 16 times (I was sickened when I heard about the shooting as one shot in the leg or the arm with the ‘weapon’ would have sufficed), should be punished.  Additionally, I don’t think police brutality should not be covered up.  (If a physician covered up giving a patient too much medication or some other error, even if it did not harm the patient, major consequences would ensure.) Litigation and retaliation are less likely to occur when those in authority are straightforward with the public and account for their mistakes and actions.  However, I don’t think people should be violent back or single out police and say they are the enemy.  The protests in Chicago, which just so happened to be started by 2 college students and attended by multiple races, calling for justice are wonderful as they are peaceful and show people in power that Americans want change.  But on the other hand the riots in Ferguson, MO and Baltimore should not have happened because they caused harm to other individuals.  Was justice ever found for the store owners who lost inventory and had their buildings destroyed?  Is it fair that police officers are scared to do their job because of retaliation from the public?  I for one want the police to respond quickly and confidently if I am ever in a situation where I need their help and protection.

That said this call for justice should not only be present when a black life is taken unjustly but when any image bearer of God is killed or unduly injured.

Thankfully, I have never seen a limited access to medical treatment or a doctor unwilling to treat a patient based on race and I hope to never encounter that aspect.  The biggest challenge to medical treatment is the cost for patients who do not have insurance.

The bottom line is no matter ones race we are all still loved by God and it hurts Him when anyone of His precious creations are mistreated or hurt.  As Christians we are called to love everybody no matter how hard.


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