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From Family to Neonatology

on February 28, 2016

Earlier this month I completed my clerkship in family medicine.  While my family medicine rotation was not was not what I was hoping for I made the best of my situation and learned as much as I could.  Unfortunately, this particular doctor I was assigned to did not see any children in the time I was there and she does not see any OB patients. (For those of you who do not know the field of family medicine is all encompassing from birth until death.  The benefit as a patient in this type of practice is you can stick with one doctor for years and years.)

***A little side note for my fellow medical students.  The family medicine NBME exam, to my surprise, is only 80 questions.  Now being that it is all encompassing of the fields of medicine I thought it would be the longest exam but it is not (I know for a fact that OB/GYN and IM are longer).  To prepare for this exam I recommend joining AAFP and using their board practice questions.  AAFP membership is free for US medical students and you are a member until graduation day.  For international medical students membership is $35 and once again you are a member until graduation day.  You can also use these questions to prepare for your Step 2 CK exam.  I also recommend supplementing these questions with CaseFiles for Family Medicine and if time permits Blueprints Family Medicine.***

As mentioned above I did not have any OB patients but that is alright because before starting Family I had just completed my OB/GYN clerkship.  As for the kids factor, which for me is the most important part, I will be doing a pediatric clerkship in June.  However, on Monday I started a neonatology elective rotation.  Without a doubt I can say that I love this rotation.  Neonatologist are the doctors who work in the NICU and some also work on pediatric hospitalist tending to babies in the regular nursery during their hospital stay.  Between my OB rotation and the first week of my neonatology rotation I have been surprised with how common twins are.  In fact, on my first day of neonatology I got to see a twin c/s and watch and learn as the nurses and residents tend to newborns in their first few moments of life and how their complete their newborn exams.  Also at this delivery, unlike in my OB/GYN rotation, my attention did not have to be focused on closing up the mother but rather I was able to watch the mom when she saw her newborn baby girls for the first time and words cannot explain it.

I can only imagine how much more magnificent God’s reaction is when one of His created beings accepts Him as Father and gets welcomed into the Kingdom of God.  In watching that mom’s reaction I thought she was a first time mom but later I learned, from Grandma, that she already has a toddler.  But still she filled with emotion and grew in her capacity to love with her two new additions.  We all can love so much more, deeper, and better if we love the One who is Love Himself.  The love that mom had for her babies is just a drop in the sink compared to the love God has for us.


2 responses to “From Family to Neonatology

  1. rkflucas says:

    I really liked your last paragraph. This is the first time I have read your blog but that really spoke to me! I am in a post-bacc program to medical school and I cannot wait until I get to this point in my medical experience! Good luck in your next set of rotations.

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