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on March 11, 2016

For anyone who knows me it is a well known fact that I love babies.  As such it is no surprise that I love this neonatology rotation as I am surrounded by babies.  Normally, a neonatologist will see and treat sick newborns mostly those that end up in the NICU, however, at the hospital at which I am rotating does not employ an on staff pediatrician so we get to see normal healthy newborns as well.

Unfortunately, as a physician in training or even later on as a physician, what I have to do causes most of the babies to cry.  It does make me feel bad every time.  You see as the medical professional we take the baby away from mama, unswaddle him, shine bright lights in his eyes, and put in orders that result in the little baby getting poked and prodded.  As a standard every baby gets heel sticks for to test for some enzyme deficiencies, Hep B vaccine part 1.  Some babies also need IVs or other ports which require needle sticks as well.

However, once we are done the babies get to go back to their parents to comfort them as the Lord comforts us.  Watching mamas cradle their little newborns in their arms makes me think of the way God holds the entire world in His hands and never lets us out of His loving embrace.  The major difference between these parents and God is that God is holding all of us at the same time rather than just a a single or maybe twin newborn babies.

The other day I had the opportunity to complete a newborn exam on a 3 hour old baby in the nursery by myself with my attending watching as well as verbalizing what I was looking for to teach the nursing students.  At the end I got to cuddle that girl as my attending got out new blankets to swaddle her with.  In the first few seconds she was comforted and quieted down.  Its nice to have the opportunity to comfort the baby rather than just be the one causing the tears even though the reason behind the tears is for the babies own good and health.





One response to “Comforter

  1. Cindy H. says:

    Love. Love. Love. And thank you for reminding me that I should turn to God even when all I need is to feel swaddled and comforted. My mom was never that type of mom and I had no dad so I learned as a very young child that Jesus was the one I could turn to.
    I’m so excited for you that you are living out your dream, you will be the best of the best because your whole heart will be involved, and God is in your heart too! So very proud of you Kimber!
    Sending a great big HUG to you. Can you feel it?

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