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on March 18, 2016

People who know me well most likely known that punctuality is important to me.  I was raised with the notion that being on time is the same as being late and to be on time is to be early.  As such if I have somewhere to be at 1pm I will show up by 12:50pm.  On the flip-side it is a pet peeve of mine when someone is late.  When one shows up late it I feel like they are wasting my time because time is precious and those moments spent waiting will never be regained.

What is ironic is I am entering a field where tardiness is very common.  I have been a patient waiting 45 even 60 minutes past my appointment time and still am sitting the waiting room as the second hand on my watch slowly rings the ticking in my ear.  I have also been on the receiving end of a patient upset they had to wait so long to be seen.

Physicians try to start their day on time.  In fact, the out patient clinics I have done some rotations have doctors who actually have the first couple patients of the day brought back before their appointment time in an effort to stay on schedule.  Unfortunately, on most days that does not last very long.  There are so many ways to get backed up:

-A patient shows up 29 minutes late for their appointment time (just 1 minutes  shy of being told she needs to reschedule) and now needs to be squeezed in.

-An emergency arises requiring the physicians immediate attention (if it is an ob/gyn the physician might have a delivery to attend)

-A patient calls and begs to be seen that day and the physician agrees to squeeze them in

-Physicians are forced to see a patient every 15 minutes, however, many doctors want to give their patients as much time as they need.  But, please, do us all a favor and don’t go to the doctor with a page full of complaints and expect them all to be addressed in just a single appointment.

-Lab results came in that needed to be addressed immediately because they were extremely abnormal.

The other day, as I was waiting for a meeting to start (the host of which was 10 minutes late), it hit me eventually I will be the one lacking in punctuality.  I guess the time is now to start brainstorming ways to remain on time.

Even if I can’t fix the issue of running behind schedule by the time I get to practicing one thing is for sure I will show up to the office ready to go and start seeing patients on time.  Outside of the medicine I will still remain punctual (well more accurately I will show up early).




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