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A Day in Savannah

on April 18, 2016

After living in Georgia for the past 4.5 months I finally was able to venture to Savannah, Georgia on Saturday.  On Friday, my surgeon gave me the weekend off from rounds which meant I was free to venture out of Augusta for the weekend.  Saturday morning my boyfriend and I set out on the 2.5 hour drive for Savannah to meet up with his Aunt and Uncle for a wonderful day in the beautiful Georgia weather.

The drive was pretty uneventful (except for all the roadkill along the road…including an armadillo) with beautiful scenery despite being mainly backroads.  (One thing I have learned living in the south is that the most direct routes seem to utilize backroads rather than interstate unless you want to go out of your way).

When we first got to Savannah we stopped at the Harley Davidson store and looked around…and took a photo with the old Harley truck toting the Harley bike.


After the Harley store we met up with his Aunt and Uncle and walked around the City Market, with brick paved walkways, which had a couple of guys playing guitar and singing country songs.  (There was also a German Shepard playing in a pile of ice and he was loving it…I think he would love life in Chicago in the winter).

After the Market we drove over to a nice park where we saw the park bench where Forrest Gump sat in for the movie…and we sat in it.  The drive to the park was extraordinary with overhanging trees and Spanish moss.


To end out the day we went to a nice little seafood diner off the beaten path that had wonderful food. All in all it was a great day filled with Chicago Cubs, Harley Davidson, Georgia sunshine, and wonderful company!  I would say my time in Savannah was success.




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