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Oh My Lanta

on July 18, 2016

Just over a month ago (June 10th, 2016 to be exact) I began a TEMPORARY move from Augusta, GA to Atlanta, GA (which I will reverse in October…yeah!) This consisted on filling up a UHAUL truck with all my furniture and many other belongings and driving the 2 hours to my new apartment. Thanks to my wonderful parents and boyfriend I was able to get everything moved (though not settled) in a single day. However, the move was not uneventful.

A little backstory…when I first found out last September that I would need to complete a portion of my clinical rotations in Atlanta I was dreading it. I have never been a fan of Atlanta and could not see myself living there. This feeling never changed the entire time I was in Augusta. The feeling only got worse when I arrived in Atlanta. See I found a nice apartment, again in a gated community, several weeks prior so I was comfortable where I was living but it did not take long for it to change. When I arrived at my apartment complex the office was closed because the staff was in a meeting and then my apartment was not ready.

We had already planned to return to Augusta for the night to finish cleaning my old place and go out to dinner with my friend, Kalina, and her fiancé, Richard. Trying to get our of Atlanta lead to issues as we were stuck in the horrendous Atlanta traffic turning our 6:30-7 o’clock dinner into an 8:30-9 o’clock dinner.

Despite the horrors of day 1 in Atlanta I was looking forward to day 2 as I was going to the Cubs play the Braves at Turner Field with my parents, Timothy, Timothy’s parents, aunt, uncle, cousin, brother and girlfriend, and friend. However, traffic getting back to my apartment meant no time to settle in before the game. Still I was able to make happy memories in ATL watching the Cubs win with people I love…plus I got to eat a frozen lemonade treat :).


Greg Maddux played for both the Cubs and the Braves in his MLB career and he has a tribute at Turner Field.


(The stands would not have been this empty at Wrigley Field).

Atlanta is also not so bad on Sunday morning when driving into Passion City Church.  At 8:45 in the morning many people are not on the road (they are probably at home still in bed)and the Interstates are wide open.  In situations like this a 10 minute ride really takes 10 minutes rather then the norm when it would take 30 minutes plus.

While Atlanta by far is not my favorite place to live or my favorite place school has taken me it is only temporary and I will do my best to make the most of it and secure more good memories.


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