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Hope and Power in Blood

on August 21, 2016

Back in High School I had the privilege of shadowing a physicians assistant who worked in a local ER on two different occasions.  When I walked into my first shadowing event I was immediately taken into a patient room where the patient had cut his leg open with a jig saw and the inside of his leg was open for all to see his muscle, bone, blood vessels, and nerves.  I was kindly brought a chair to sit down so I would not pass out.  What the nurse was not aware of was how strong of a stomach I have.  I did not need that chair at all.  Rather I was enjoying watching the doctors and the physician assistant work and eventually page down the plastic surgeon.  The surgeon was able to sew up the patients leg but left small open spaces with prim rose tubing to allow the wound to drain to avoid infection and blood collection (as I came to learn drains are commonly left in after certain surgeries).

But time to get back to blood…Many people get queasy at the sight of blood a feature not conducive for someone who wants a career as a doctor.  In fact, I have always been intrigued by the sight of blood, guts, and gore on TV (even when my parents would turn away in disgust).  Fast forward 8 or so years and here I am in my 4th year of Medical School (yes that mean just over 9 months until graduation) with almost 7 rotations completed I have dealt with a lot of blood.  Spend a few minutes in an ER or OR and you will likely be inundated with blood.  🙂

Wether you can handle blood or not one thing is the same…when someone is bleeding a way to stop it is sought.  That is because blood is necessary to sustain life.  With the advances in medicine blood can be oxygenated outside the body with ECMO and it can be detoxed outside the body with dialysis; it can be transfused.

Blood is not only essential to life but it is also essential to salvation.  When Jesus spread out His arms on the cross he sweated tears and bleed for us.  His bright red blood washes us clean and scratches out the crimson stain that sin leaves in our lives.  As was noted this morning at Passion City Church this gives us hope.  Without blood we would be lost and wouldn’t know what real love is.  Without blood we would be living with sin being held over our heads.  Without blood we would hopeless without the promise of eternal life in paradise.

As heard in the song There Is Power In the Blood.  The blood has power to save.  The blood has the power of hope.  The blood has the power to bleach us clean.

From medicine to Christianity there is so much wonder in blood.  We have more than one reason to be grateful for blood as it gives us both life and rebirth!


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