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Return to Augusta

on November 9, 2016

Since my last post I have finished up my time in ATL, went back home to Chicago for a 4 week elective rotation, and returned back to Augusta, GA.  My last 4 weeks in ATL and my time in Chicago were interesting…but still educational.  Before I get into the details about what I have been doing in rotations let talk about my progress with school.

While in Atlanta I completed the remainder of my core rotations which are those rotations required of every medical student (Internal Medicine, OB/GYN, Family Medicine, Surgery, Pediatrics, and Psychiatry).  The last core I completed was psych (which was the rotation I dreaded the most going into but actually found myself liking aspects of it (it did help that the schedule was pretty lite).  With the completion of my cores means I also have the NBME exams behind me.  These exams were required by my school within 2 weeks of completing a core rotation to ensure we, as the students, are learning what is essential for the rotation.

While core rotations are the same for every medical student the elective rotations are not the same but rather are selected by the student.  So far I have completed electives in Neonatology, Cardiology, and Dermatology.  I am currently in Childhood and Adolescent Medicine and am scheduled to complete a rotation in Allergy & Immunology as well as Integrative Medicine.  Besides these electives I already completed and have scheduled I am currently in the process of scheduling my last elective.  Speaking of scheduling elective rotations it is no easy feat.  The benefit of core rotations with my school is they have to be at affiliated hospitals so the clinical department team tells me, as the student, where openings are available.  But for electives that is the not case as the hospitals do not need to be affiliated so the options are much more numerous and I must talk with both the hospital representative and my school to set up a rotation and then get the two parties in communication with each other.  This is even more difficult because some hospitals have application deadlines in the beginning of the year and the student might not be eligible to apply for electives at that time.

Having completed 9 rotations at the present time I can honestly say that I have something from each of my preceptors (yes, even when I was not my preceptors biggest fan). When I say that each rotation is not going to be glorious I think I can speak for every current and past medical student.  We expect things to be rough and exhausting.  We expect to be put on the spot.  We expect to be stretched.  We expect to be treated as the low man on the totem pole and do the dirty tasks for our attending’s.  We do NOT expect to work the reception desk.  We do NOT expect to be considered free employees.  We do NOT expect to get gun threats.  We do NOT expect to be the one’s to close a practice at night after the physicians and employees have left.  But still when things we do not expect come our way we try our best to learn from it, maybe we won’t put our future students in the same situations, and move one.

My dermatology attending was great with her patients.  She remembers most of her patients by name.  She takes her time with each patient and teaches them about their skin, their conditions, and how to check their skin for possible cancers most importantly melanoma.   While this was only a 4 week and I could not wait to be done (a move back closer to someone special) I did learn a lot about skin conditions in that time.  I feel that I am slightly more confident is identifying skin lesions.  Including the skin condition known as Hailey-Hailey Disease which I never heard of before I completed this rotation.  Even if I would have learned was about this one disease I would have still considered it a successful rotation.

After I completed my final shift in dermatology my mom and I hit the road to travel back to Augusta (with a stop in Greenville, SC).  Once in Augusta we moved into my cute little cottage.  The main house (where my landlord and other tenants live) was once a plantation house.  This cottage I rent is all-inclusive (including premium movie channels and the freedom to purchase PPV) and very cozy.  It has 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom and has plenty of space.  I even have a small front porch with 2 chairs and a little table which overlook the  yard and trees.  A perfect place to sit and enjoy the nice weather.

I have been in Childhood & Adolescent Medicine (basically another name for pediatrics) for 1 week now.  I am loving this rotation (which is good since I am working on becoming a pediatrician myself).  I feel that this is a great rotation for me as my preceptor is the Chief of Pediatrics at the hospital and in the week I have been here I have seen almost the same amount of patients I saw during my 6 week pediatric core rotations and have seen some inpatient care so it is not all outpatient clinic patients.


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