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Kids, Kids, and More Kids :)

on January 23, 2017

For the first 4 weeks of November I was in a rotation in Augusta called Childhood & Adolescent Medicine which is basically a glorified way to say pediatrics.  Right off the bat I knew it was going to be a great rotation.  While I enjoyed my pediatric rotation in Atlanta I did not feel that it was the best exposure or learning experience.  In fact, my first week in C&A Medicine I saw just as many (if not more) patients as I saw the entire 6 weeks of my pediatrics rotation.

Through the 4 weeks I learned a lot about the field of pediatrics; which will come in handy one day.  The procedure/test I got the most experience on was the rapid strep test swab.  I also learned how to tell what the current virus is and how best to explain it to parents who continue to flow through the office and call in with similar symptoms.  Let me tell you there has been a lot of different viruses going around this season.

Upon the completion of Childhood & Adolescent Medicine I switched to Allergy & Immunology.  This was a unique rotation in that the doctor works closely with her husband who is a pulmonology and sleep medicine physician.  This meant I got exposure to allergy, asthma, pulmonology (mainly COPD), and sleep patients who were getting tested or treated for obstructive sleep apnea.

Over these 8 weeks I was able to learn a lot about a broad variety of medical specialities.  One of the most helpful things I learned in Allergy and Immunology was how to identify possible triggers for asthma depending on when the patients present.  I also learned important questions to ask for patients presenting with increased daytime sleepiness which was not something I had been exposed to in the past (which proved helpful in a future exam).

These rotations took me up to Christmas at which point I went home for the holiday weekend with my boyfriend and got to celebrate with my family.  This was a very special time for me because I have spent a few holiday’s with his family but this was the first he spent with mine and over the past couple years has been the only holiday I have been able to spend at home.

Most recently on January 9, 2017 I started a 6 week rotation in OB Ultrasound & Genetics where my preceptor is a Maternal and Fetal Medicine doctor and therefore sees high risk patients.  For the first 2 weeks I would follow new patients through the practice.  This means I go with them to the genetic counselors officer then ultrasound and finally in with the doctor.  When there are no new patients I just follow a patient into ultrasound and then the doctors office and type up the progress note in the patients chart.

In the 2 weeks I have been in this rotation I have already seen somethings I did not see when I was in my OB/GYN core rotation.  I got to assist in an amniocentesis, learn there is such a thing as trisomy 16 that can result in a live born infant and have been involved in the care of a patient who is in her third trimester with such a baby, saw a patient who was exposed to Parvovirus B19 while pregnant and learned how to work her up.  Finally my first week I watched a c-section  that was quite sad as the baby did not make it.  He fought for an hour but sadly passed away in his mama’s arms with family all around as his lungs did not develop properly. 😦

The aspect that I really like about this rotation is that her office is in the hospital so when we have to round on the patients in the hospital no travel is required which is also very convenient for consults.

In addition to being in the middle of my second to last clinical rotation this past week I took one of my Step 2 Board Exams.  The particular exam I took is known as CS (clinical skills) and requires my getting a history, performing an exam, and writing up a patient note with diagnostic tests for 12 patients.  Unfortunately, I have to wait 2 months to find out if I passed or not.  I also have my next exam CK (clinical knowledge) which is a computer based multiple choice exam scheduled for 3/22/17 (right before I move to AZ for my final rotation).



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